Sean Curtin

Sean joined the company in 2013, following time in commercial steelwork since graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2010 with a degree in Civil and Coastal Engineering. Since joining the company Sean has moved into a Civil Engineering discipline. This role has evolved during his time with Airey & Coles and Sean’s broad knowledge of the industry has made him a key member of the team and company, leading to his appointment as an Associate in late 2022.

Sean’s role includes early engagement with clients, architects, planners and statutory authorities to provide innovative solutions, whilst ensuring compliance with wider strategies and policy. This role continues into the development process, assisting in key flood risk, SuDS, highway and drainage decisions, providing technical guidance throughout the project, up to completion. Project experience ranges from individual domestic properties, through medium scale housing, to industrial and commercial schemes and site wide master planning. Specialisms in flood risk assessments, highway and drainage adoption agreements (S278, S38, S104, S185 etc.) with a focus on viability and delivery, help shape successful projects.

As a keen cyclist, Sean is acutely aware of the benefits of dedication and hard work, this mentality transfers to his professional life.

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